My Survival

The story started when I moved to a new place to complete my middle school education. I spent two uneasy years there. The time I spent was full of negativity. Outcasted, and alienated by most of the people in school, I was bullied and I was surrounded by abusive friends. Some of my friends and I drifted apart, as well. People in that school didn’t give me enough respect or appreciation because I was different and considered “uncool” and “awkward”. All of this certainly affected my emotional and mental health and caused me to forget my worth and neglect my passions and the purposes I am essentially living for. Many mental disorders such as depression and PTSD accompanied me for a while. My confidence became unstable and I was soon full of self-doubt that I’d stopped writing and deleted all of my blogs. Today for some reason, I decided to start writing again. How could I not do something I was created for? I am very glad that I survived this difficult time of my life. I am alive! I am not going to stay stuck in this past. I am letting go of these burdens, for they are too heavy to carry, for they are beyond me. I need to let go so that I could fly. The most important thing is that I learned, and I toughened up. So this is my survival! 


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